Our Obedience Board and Train dog training programs fast track the learning for your pup.  All obedience training is presented as playtime, so pup never loses interest. They have a blast while learning to be social and stable minded in all life situations. When enrolled in the obedience board & train dog training programs we visit West Palm Beach area restaurants and Palm Beach Gardens merchants.  It is like a staycation for your pup.

It’s true that all dogs love to play so that’s why our obedience dog training programs are presented as playtime We make learning fun, so they learn quickly. When enrolled in board and train obedience dog training programs your pup will master:

  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Sit, Down and Stay commands
  • Keep calm on walks – stop excessive barking
  • Respect thresholds – no more bolting out the door
  • Relax in Place directive
  • Curb play biting
  • Calm friendly greeting Behavior
  • Housebreaking / Potty Training
  • Fun tricks and so much more

When enrolled in obedience dog training – board and train your pup will go to “school” which includes environmental exposure to boost their confidence in all types of venues, from our grooming salon in Palm Beach Gardens, restaurants in Lake Worth, the post office in North Palm Beach the mall in Wellington and all places in between. West Palm Beach is our playground to practice socialization skills and obedience commands for you to have the most social pup on the block.

At days end pup returns home to our Loxahatchee / The Acreage ranch where the guided dog training program continues.  We teach obedience house manners through playful behavioral techniques that engage and teach at the same time. Your dog never loses interest and learns at a remarkable pace.

We use positive dog training techniques to make the learning fun.  The varied exposure to interesting environments will instill oodles of confidence in all situations. Harnessing your dog’s confidence is key to successful dog training while having a well-mannered pup in all situations. Your pup might just be the star of your next family outing.

Our Dog Obedience training program include unlimited learning and follow up lessons for life. Why?  Little known fact: if there is an abrupt change in living situation a dog may act out and need further guidance.  We cannot anticipate life changes however we can provide Peace of Mind knowing you have a professional friend in dog obedience training that will guide and guarantee your satisfaction for life. This means if you move, have a baby, get married, add a new pet to the family, whatever the situation… you may be searching for dog training right now, due to this very reason.  K9 Spa and Dog Training Center is here for you and your dog. Forever. Dog Obedience training is a lifestyle commitment we embrace wholeheartedly. You become a part of our family, in West Palm Beach and beyond.

We also offer “House Call” Dog Obedience Training.  This program is private session in the comfort of your home with paws-on and hands-on training lesson designed to educate the entire family in best practices of puppy raising or rehabbing your rescue dog.

During House Call Dog Obedience Training we observe behaviors and offer real world guidance to correct unwanted habits right there and then. Practicing new routines on how to communicate and teach on how to live harmoniously in our human world. You will be pleased after just one learning session and walk away with a clear understanding on canine behaviors and how to communicate your wishes to your four-legged family member.

All aspects of dog training and ownership are open for discussion.  We have a lifetime of experience to help guide you.  Each dog training program session is structured to enlighten you based on your lifestyle, personal schedule and dog training goals. We guarantee our positive techniques will have your dog minding their manners in just one session and potty trained in merely 7 days by using our guaranteed dog training methods.