Since 2000 we are the dog training source for compassionate learning through positive reinforcement, training ...which equates to a lot of affectionate belly rubs!

We train you and your pet! As a pet guardian you will learn: leadership, communication, patience, and proper technique. We teach you to be the person your dog thinks you are.

We offer single classes, and Board & Train Programs

Your pet will learn their obedience commands, socialization skills and gain oodles of confidence. Single classes will give you the knowledge to correct behaviors, potty train a pup, basic obedience, family protection, therapy, animal training, pet sitting, service dog training. Give us two hours of your time and learn all you need to train your dog at home.

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Training Programs

1) Lifetime Training Program.  This is a 14 day Stay-Play-Learn Program.

This program merges socialization boot camp and obedience training. You pet will walk on a leash, sit on command,
come on command, stay where told, down and gain oodles of confidence.
At the completion of program your pet will have mastered all building blocks commands, be completely potty-trained, really-
really social, stable-minded and the best dog on the block.

Next, we train you.  Unlimited learning & follow-up sessions for you and pup are included, furever! We follow your dogs progress for
their entire lifetime.

2)  Remote Collar Training Program  This is a 21 day Stay-Play- Learn Program.

Enjoy the freedom of off-leash control via vibration remote training collar (waterproof lifetime collar included). Your pet will learn
all of the Unlimited Lifetime Training Program attributes, plus you have a safe and effective way to reinforce behaviors you want from your pup. This program is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want total control in green spaces, the beach, wherever!

Unlimited learning & follow-up sessions for you and pup are
included, furever!  Off leash experiences build mutual bonds and let your dog be a dog.

3) Knowledge & Well-being Program

Bring your dog to this hands & paws on informative session.  You will learn best training tools to reach your goals, how to read your pups behaviors, correct negative responses, keep your pet’s focus and attention, teach your pup to walk on leash (without pulling!), stop play biting, curb anxiety, proper greeting behavior, stop excessive barking and how to potty train the correct way.

Learn why socialization is key  to your dogs psychological
health. Excellent program for rescue rehab.  Learn what’s going on inside your pet’s head and know how to adjust your behavior to become the pack leader through training and nurturing.


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